1. The assembly zippers of zippers are generally divided into closed tail, open tail, double open tail, double tail double tail system, i.e. "O" shape. The closed tail zipper is mostly used in pants placket, pocket and other parts, and the open tail double open tail zipper is mostly used for the coat placket. The "O" shape is mostly used in luggage and clothing, and is rarely used.

2. Zippers are classified into metal zipper, resin zipper, nylon zipper, invisible zipper, waterproof zipper, etc. the color of metal zipper teeth generally includes: bronze, brass, white copper, red bronze, black nickel, black nickel, black nickel, etc. The rest of the teeth are mostly color matching.

3. Size and length of zipper 1. Zipper is divided into 3 ා, 4 ා, 5 ා, 8 ා and 10 ා. The sizes of invisible zippers are generally 3 ා, 4 ා, and 3 ? for conventional use. 2. The length of the zipper varies according to the actual requirements of the clothing. The effective size of the zipper should be given when ordering the zipper, that is, the length from the top to the bottom of the zipper. The material of the puller is divided into metal, nylon and resin. The color of metal pulling head is divided into: white plating, yellow plating, bronze plating, red bronze plating, black nickel, black and white nickel, matte silver. The color of metal broach is generally required to be consistent with that of metal teeth. Nylon and resin pulling head is generally required to be consistent with the color of cloth belt and denture, which can be color matching. 2. The form of pulling head is divided into automatic head, needle lock head, spring head, no needle head, elephant nose head, guide rail non lock pulling head, guide rail locking pulling head, spring type, etc. Conventional use of automatic head more, the rest depends on customer demand. Guide pull head is used for double-sided clothing